Prayer for the Heartlands — David Long-Higgins

Photo by David Long-Higgins

Loving God,
Centre us in your heart
Pulsing with Christ-love
Healing and holding
Challenging and changing
Everything in order
For your vision to rise.

Take every weariness
And form resurrections
Small and large in us
Offering a strength
Beyond our own
Binding us to you
And to each other
And your whole creation.

By this, O Love,
Grow your grace in us
Delighting in every gift
Often taken for granted
Drawing us to each other
That we may discover you
Forming us ever anew.

Yet also, O Love,
Call us beyond ourselves
As agents of mending
In a world gone mad
With desperate divisions
Too numerous to name.

By this life you give
Form ever anew
Your creative covenant
In us and through us,
Blossoming a bouquet
Beautiful and gracious
Loving, just, and good
Not only for ourselves
But for the world you love.

O Love,
Let your yes to us,
Made known in Christ Jesus
Be answered again and again
With our yes to you
Granting grace and space
For your good news to rise.

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