Prayer for Weary Souls — David Long-Higgins, USA

Weary Souls, photo by David Long-Higgins

O Love,
Help me entrust
Everything to you
For I am at risk
Of forgetting it is you
Who gives me life
And calls me to a work
Seen and often unseen.

Help me remember
It is not mine to do alone
But rather your work of love
Awakened in me by you
For whatever you desire.

So let my desires
Be formed by the one desire
To love you with everything
You have given me,
Finding my strength
Relying on you and you alone
Forming yesterday’s remnant
Into something beautiful
I cannot yet see.

Grant a grace of gentleness
Yet focus for every task
Awakening awareness
Of the sacramental gift
Hidden inside everything
Needful and necessary.

Gift me with a will
To choose wisely in love,
Holding this precious day
In sacred and holy awe.

Yes, Love,
Still me with grace to trust
Your promise to love me
Into whatever you desire
And let it be more
Than enough for today.

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