Psalm 105 prayer, Australia

Inspired by Psalm 105

Lectionary for Year A: Proper 12, 14, 17 and 20

We remember your wonderful works
and we give thanks
We sing praises,
we tell of your strength, your faithfulness, your holiness,
and we ask,
how do we bring glory to you?

Your judgements are over all the earth.
You are mindful of the covenant you established with your people.
So, how do we bring glory to you?

You are intimately involved in all we do,
offering strength, wisdom, guidance, fortitude.
Sustenance and nurture to our souls.
How do we bring glory to you?

We live without glory in our lives.
So how can we offer it you you?

We have science, and reason,
We have logic and proofs.

Take us to that place where wonder and miracles reside.

To the place of grace
the place of forgiveness
the place of unconditional love

To the place that exists within us all,
but we so deftly sidestep

Take us to the here and now of insight
To know the closeness you desire
and the distance we place between us.

Give us hearts of longing
to desire and strive for peace
In our own lives and in the world around us.

Strip away the safety nets we have built for ourselves
Give us the innocence to see the world as you see it
and the courage to work in the world
in your kingdom here and now.

Let each day be a day in your realm for us
uncovering the glory the you have already put in our lives
but we are too busy to see.
So we can share with you, all the bounty and majesty that you have provided for us.
And glory will be yours.

The writer, from Hartwell Church of Christ, Melbourne, Australia, references Psalm 105 as the inspiration behind this prayer.


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