Psalm 36 Renewed — Ana Gobledale, UK

Epiphany 2, Year C

This prayer is inspired by Psalm 36:5-10



It’s like standing beneath a street lamp
On a misty evening.
In the light, I see light,
But objects appear blurry and obscured, half lit.
God, standing in your light, I see light,
But the path ahead appears blurry and obscured, seemingly half lit.
The future, shrouded in a mist of unknowing.
Console my fear of ambiguity, of uncertainty.
Convict my spirit to persevere, to continue in trust.
Fill the dark horizons with the abundance of your steadfast love.
Encourage me to step into the swirling mist of your presence.
Even into the streaming waters of the fountain of life.
Wrapped in the precious shadow of your wings,
I will find refuge in you.
Delight shall envelope me, in the light, in the darkness
In the misty evening.

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