Psalm 78 Call to Worship — Graeme Blair, Australia

We come to worship and remember you.
We come to hear and to learn more of your word.
Your word is unchanging.
From earliest time, to now, you have spoken things into being, and they are good.
You are mindful of your people.
Teach us to be similarly mindful of you.

Give us the message we need to hear.
Give us the message in the manner in which it will have the most impact:
the message that you are our God and we are yours.
Salvation and redemption are your gifts to us, always available.
An invitation back to purity and reality,
into the power of creation, to share with you.
Remind us.

Laws are no longer carved in stone, but written on hearts.
We ask that they be on our hearts.

Open our eyes to what is good.
For us to see your unchanging word, as foundational and the creative spark within us.

The cause of our being and our worship.
We bring our praise.

Graeme was a member of Hartwell Church of Christ, Melbourne, Australia. He referenced Psalm 78 as the inspiration behind this prayer.


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