Prayer of adoration — Louise Gough, UK

Loving God

who conceived life,

originates ingenuity,

embraces individuality,

welcomes everyone,

celebrates diversity,

encourages unity,

offers serenity,

gifts simplicity,

lavishes compassion,

we worship you!


Living Jesus

who breathes our air,

walks our streets,

feels our pain,

sheds tears,

enjoys company,

bubbles with laughter,

holds our hands,

we worship you!


Gentle Spirit

who strengthens fragile spirits,

shelters the suffering,

respires life and hope,

transforms all sorrow,

binds broken hearts,

sets captives free,

we worship you!


Beautiful Trinity of Love,

for your presence in our lives,

for your comfort and company,

for shaking us out of tired routines,

and calling us ever to follow you

then, blessing our journey with unexpected discoveries,

expanding our horizons,

tendering endless encouragement

and traveling with us,

we worship you!  Amen.



Photos: Mosaics from Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco; stained glass from Notre Dame de Lourdes, Casablanca, Morocco; ceiling art from Marrakesh arrival terminal — by Ana Gobledale