Prayer of confession, Matthew 11 — Ana Gobledale, UK

Living One, we are your disciples – your hands and feet in the world today.
In this time when we are staying away from one another, we sometimes feel extremely burdened, as if under a great weight.
Truthfully, we have frequently been tempted to turn to fear and doubt, not trusting in your presence.
We have narrowed our vision and avoided our responsibility to continue to care for others, in our communities and across the globe.
We have become easily angered with the uncertainty and changes we face.
We have narrowed our hearts, and thought only of ourselves and our desire for ease and certainty.
We have felt burdened and even overwhelmed.
In this time of emptiness and confusion, fill us with the stability of faith and the clarity of discipleship.
Remind us that we are your beloved, united by love and the choice each of us has made to follow Jesus, to do as Jesus would do.

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