Prayer of Intercession — Lynne Roberts, Australia

God of grace and compassion

Our hearts are full of gratitude as we think of the many blessings in our lives:

the gift of faith to believe in you,

the love of family and friends,

for shelter, clean water and plentiful food,

for access to education and health care,

for the freedom and speech and the freedom of movement.


As we turn our attention to the world, may we never lose sight of the fact that we are all connected – with those whose race, faith, political beliefs and gender persuasions are different from ours.

The success and failure of others is our success and failure.

The suffering and joy of others is our suffering and joy.


We understand that the privileges that we enjoy are your will for all people and we grieve for those who don’t share these basic human rights.

Help us, as we struggle with the ever-present ambiguity of our faith, to see your compassion, and keep us aware of our responsibility to reach out in compassion to those whose lives are a constant struggle for survival.

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