Prayer of Praise and thanksgiving for Good Friday — Lawrence Moore, UK


WORDS Ready-to-print – Prayer for Good Friday, Lawrence Moore

O God, you are rich in mercy.

For when I was nothing,
you made me something.
When I wanted nothing to do with you,
you came looking for me
to bring me home as a lost child,

When I swore I never knew you,
you loved me and called me your friend.
When I shouted, ‘Crucify him!’
you asked for my forgiveness.
When I abandoned you to your lonely road,
you shouldered my cross
and carried it for me.

You could have done differently.
You could have compromised;
dazzled them with your arguments;
called on God.

Yet you did not.
You submitted to their sentence,
bent your back to their whips,
spread your hands to their nails,
and gave them the Life they demanded.

The agony of love.
The costliness of passion.
The price of New Life.

I cannot comprehend such love.
I can only wonder
and celebrate
and follow.


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