Psalm 32 prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

Inspired by Psalm 32

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C



Eternal One,

You have blessed us.

You have forgiven our hurtful actions.

You have blocked out our mistakes and wrongs.

When you add up our errors, the total always seems to vanish.

And we start with a clean slate.

You erase our shame and our regret. You have relieved us from our harsh self-condemnation.

You have freed us to start anew,

not by covering up our past, not by falsifying the records, not by altering our memories, but by removing the harsh judgements.

No secrets: you expose us in all our vulnerability, but there is no fear.

Our groaning, our suffering, even when we place the blame on you,

you soften, you ease, you forgive.

With your hand upon us, truth persists and breaks through our preconceptions, our misconceptions.

Your mercy buoys us.

Your promises deliver us, protect us, surround us.

When we kick like a horse or dig in like a mule, you coax us forward with a loving eye.

With wise counsel and instruction, you calm us and guide our steps.

We celebrate your unfailing love

that enables us to stand boldly and sing your praises.


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