Prayer response to natural disasters — Meighan Pritchard, USA

When the earth shakes,

the lightning flashes,

the tsunami rolls across the waters;


when the snow whites out the roads,

the floods wash out bridges and homes,

the wildfires rage across the ridges;


when the tornados race through town,

the hurricanes churn up the coast,

the heat waves wipe out crops—


then, O God, be the hands and feet and heart of love in our midst.


Comfort the bereaved,

wrap the cold in blankets,

feed the hungry.


And teach us how to do the same—

to show up wearing your face of love.


God help us.

God bless us, even in the midst of such times.


From Prayers to Counter Fear in Election Season 2016 by the Rev. Meighan Pritchard, United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Curriculum Trainer.  Reprinted from ‘Worship Ways‘ with permission from Justice Ministries, United Church of Christ.