Prayer words

What words do we use when we reach out to the Spirit of Life?  the Source of Peace?

Explore these resources to find worship words relevant to you today.  Click on the theme.

What is prayer?

Thoughts from the Diocese of Oxford UK, printed in the Living Faith pamphlet, ‘Christianity: a simple guide’…

Prayer is ‘not a technique but a relationship, a friendship, which can take different forms’:

• Spending time reflectively with God – with thanks, with sorrow, with people on our heart
• Chatting (arrow prayers) – talking (a quiet time) – intimacy (silence)
• Offering the day to God at the start – practising the presence of God through the day – reviewing the day with God at night
• Meditation – chewing the word of God slowly and prayerfully
• Contemplation – silently looking, listening and just being.