Prayers for Worship Services

“For me prayers are shared like ripples on a pond, never quite knowing where they’ll wash up or who may be moved by their rippling along the way.”  — David Pickering, Moderator, United Reformed Church National Synod of Scotland

Ready-to-use prayers posted throughout Worship Words:

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What is prayer?

Thoughts from the Diocese of Oxford UK, printed in the Living Faith pamphlet, ‘Christianity: a simple guide’…

Prayer is ‘not a technique but a relationship, a friendship, which can take different forms’:

• Spending time reflectively with God – with thanks, with sorrow, with people on our heart
• Chatting (arrow prayers) – talking (a quiet time) – intimacy (silence)
• Offering the day to God at the start – practising the presence of God through the day – reviewing the day with God at night
• Meditation – chewing the word of God slowly and prayerfully
• Contemplation – silently looking, listening and just being.