Psalm 107 Prayer — Merryl Blair, Australia

Prayer flags, Nepal — by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Intercessory Prayer inspired by Psalm 107
Lent 4, Year B

We bring our thanks to you, our God,
for the faithful love that is always present with us.

We look back at the times when we have been held by your love,
gathered from isolation and disintegration,
and brought into your reconciling grace.

In the embrace of your love, we pray now for others:

For those who wander aimlessly in the wastelands of broken dreams and hopelessness:
May your faithful love show a pathway to meaning.

For those lost in the darkness of mental illness or circumstantial depression,
May your faithful love shine a clear light of hope.

For those who are experiencing isolation, due to their own actions or those of others,
May your faithful love bring them to peace and reconciliation.

For those buffeted by storms of life beyond their control,
May your faithful love bring calm within and around them.

God of life, you turn deserts into places of fruitfulness. You desire all to live in peace and blessing.
We pray that we may ourselves respond to the needs of others, with the help of your faithful love.

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