Psalm 111, My heart swells — Ana Gobledale, UK

My heart swells as I think of all God has done…
The brilliance of humanity – diverse and creative
The majesty of mountains offering iron and diamonds
The towering trees of ancient forests
The delight of the ladybird and grasshopper
The power of water falling, falling
The justice of food for all –
abundant crops in the fields
and fish in the rivers
The faithful rising of the sun
and falling of the rain
The promise of rain after drought
of crops after famine
The hope that God’s wisdom
will fill human minds and hearts
The promise of understanding
The unending hope God has in us,
Never tiring of our wanderings,
Always calling us back,
Back to the covenant,
Back to wisdom
Back to faith.
My heart swells assured that God has not yet given up on this world.

Lectionary for Pentecost 13, Year B 

Photo: ‘Tree lover’ by Claire Daley

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