Psalm 119 Renewed — Duncan Wilson, UK

Bluebell path, by Geoffrey Clarke, UK

Praise from the heart: the Psalms framed and phrased for church worship

Year A, Epiphany 6

Psalm 119. 1-8

How happy we could be if we could reach perfection,
if we could just keep to the rules.
How happy if we could follow orders
with a willing heart.
Some people do manage to steer a straight path,
striding along God’s highway.

God has given us our sense of direction
and expects us to keep to it.
You and I just hope that we have faith enough
to stay on course.

What is clear is that keeping close to God
will never bring regrets.
The more we see of God’s fairness and goodness,
the more we praise God for it.

Nothing could be simpler,
staying close to God means never getting lost.