Psalm 121 Prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

2nd Sunday of Lent, Year A
Pentecost 19, Year C

I lift up my eyes to the hills…
We lift up our hearts
To you, Spirit of the Universe

God will not let your foot be moved…

Trusting you to hold us securely
When we feel caught in the mire of indecision
When we hesitate to step forward
When we fear the future too much to try.

God …will neither slumber nor sleep…will keep your going out and your coming in…

Trusting you to keep watch
When our eyelids droop
When our perseverance wanes
When we draw near
And when we wander away.

God is your shade…The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.

Trusting you to shelter us
From the heat of anger
From the shadows of deceit
From the temptations that cloud our vision.

My help comes from the Eternal…

We lift up our hearts
To you, Helper, Watcher, Shelterer
Trusting in faith.  Amen

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