Psalm 121 – rising from Zambia

Psalm 121 – rising from Zambia*

When I am in search of a solution, from place to place,
It is only found in God
The Creator of the Universe.
God provides ultimate protection
No matter the challenge.
For God remains watchful in all times.
God who watches over nature will always be with us.
God is our Protector all the time.
Nothing harmful will be able to fall upon us, either by day or night.
Even those enemies who threaten your life will not come harm you.
God preserves and guards against any devourers.
God will forever be with you in your outings and comings.

*Composed cooperatively by a group of students in the second year of the Bachelor of Theology Course at United Church of Zambia University, Mindolo, Kitwe: including Kelvin Mumba, Harrison Phiri, Kennedy Mushota, Mukololo, Tembo Kawanje