Psalm 122, contemporary versions — Zambia & UK

The first three contemporary versions of Psalm 122, variations on a theme, were written collaboratively by groups of theology and ministry students at the United Church of Zambia University, Mindolo.  The fourth version arises from the United Kingdom.

Psalm 122 is a reading for the First Sunday of Advent, Year A.

Psalm 122 — arising from Zambia

I was happy when I was invited to church.
I am honoured to pray for my country,
A country so united with Ethnic groups or communities that fear God
With leaders who stand for justice
Pray for peace and prosperity
across all its boundaries.
For the sake of my church, family and friends
I offer you peace and good will.

Psalm 122 – Zambia’s voice

I was filled with great happiness when I was called to go to church.
What sweet fellowship we find in you O wonderful house of God built on a solid foundation.
You grant to us a sweet time of prayer, despite our different languages and cultures.
There is justice in your presence.
All people enjoy an extension of your love and kindness,
the blind, the sick, poor, marginalized and troubled.
We pray for those we love that you may meet their pressing needs
That it may go well with them.

Psalm 122 — A Song of Praise
I was excited when I heard people say, ‘Let’s go to church.’
Finally, we are joined together with other believers in the congregation,
As the congregation strongly founded together,
By people from different social backgrounds united by God.
And in this place leaders gather to preside over their people
And to pray for harmony in the land.
May those who walk in your love succeed.
Peace be inside your dwelling place and safety.

Psalm 122, Psalm praise — Duncan Wilson, UK

How glad I was to hear the people say
‘Come with us to God’s house’
for now, here we are,
our feet actually standing within God’s gates.

To this place where unity and harmony make their home
come the people of all nations and races
to give thanks
for here God reigns with justice.

Pray for the peace of this holy place
and for the well-being of every person,
for Peace to pave its paths,
and Confidence to walk within its walls.

For the sake of friends and families let us pray,
‘Peace be with you.’
For the sake of God’s house let us pray,

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