Psalm 146 Praise — Duncan Wilson, UK

A contemporary rendition of Psalm 146,  Common Lectionary reading — Advent 3, Year A

Happy are those whose hope
is in the goodness of our God,
maker of heaven and earth,
the seas and all that they contain,
who keeps faith with us for ever
and brings justice to those who are oppressed.

God it is who feeds the hungry
and sets the prisoner free,
who restores sight to the blind
and raises those who are bowed down.

Our God stands by those who do what is right
but thwarts the course of evil doers.
So may our God reign for ever,
to the praise of every generation.

Psalms from the Heart
For many years, Duncan Wilson (now a retired minister in Banbury) has been using the lectionary’s choice of Psalms each week as a call or introduction to worship. He has paraphrased each psalm as a responsive call to worship and is now offering them as a resource for churches and worship leaders to use as they wish. He intends them to be accessible for all ages, inclusive and relevant, as the Psalms were inspired by people with thoughts and experiences much like ours.

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