Psalm 19 for Today — Ana Gobledale, UK

Proper 19, Year B
17th Sunday after Pentecost

May the utterances of our lips
and the very thoughts arising in our hearts
be aligned with your will and your way,
for you are the solid foundation
upon which we stand and find our balance.
Our speech and knowledge arise from you,
crafted by your love and justice,
encircling the world.

Your rules protect us, energise us, free us.
They create safe boundaries
while revealing numerous possibilities.
Your simplicity fills us with ease,
while your wisdom illuminates our way.
Gratitude fills our hearts
as we consider your laws and dictates,
realising you have created a path of goodness
upon which we may boldly walk.

As the sun sweeps across the heavens
revealing the diversity and beauty
of your handiwork,
we rejoice in your creation.
Thank you for placing us in it.

How great is the contentment that comes
from following your way,
choosing words and thoughts acceptable to you.
Guide us away from hurtful secrets,
pride and envy, ire and bitterness.

You are the very ground of all being
upon which we balance and stand firm.

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