Psalm 32 redux — Carla Grosch-Miller, UK — Pentecost 4, Year C




Blessed are we who seek to know the whole of who we are:

The gifts             The limits
The light             The shadows
The strengths    The weaknesses
The saint           The sinner

Who know, accept and seek to live in truth,
Who readily say ‘I’m sorry’ and learn from mistakes,
Who seek the good for all creatures
in the finitude of possibility.

For the weight of harm caused
bears down heavily.
The heart so burdened
cannot sing.
Strength is sapped,
the will paralysed.

Only truth sets us free,
truth and forgiveness,
the deep and gentle acceptance of condition,
the slate wiped clean
to permit love to be writ anew.

Let all burdened seek truth and freedom,
attend to the consequences of choices,
extend and accept the balm of forgiveness,
and face into the future with hope.
Love is come again.

In the depths of silence
and the words of the wise,
our hearts are instructed.
This is the invitation; heed it well.
For torment need not be our lot.
Trust in steadfast love
and the power that moves in all things
to give us life.

Be glad and rejoice.
Love is come again,
and again,

Used with the permission of the author, from Carla’s book Psalms Redux