Psalm 36 revisited — Liz Styan, UK

Photo by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Second Sunday of Epiphany, Year C



Your love, O God, breaks the small boundaries of our understanding.
Your faithfulness is not constrained by etiquette and protocol.
Your righteousness is as firm, yet as fluid as the ever-changing face of the mountains.
Your justice can plumb the depths of our humanity and raise us up to new heights.

You, O God, have created both the Gay and the Straight.
You love and nurture us all.
You preserve and honour our lives.
In you we find refuge and strength, inspiration and courage,
From the abundance of your spirit, without partiality, you give of yourself to us all.
For with you is the fountain of life, in you we find acceptance and renewal.

This prayer was originally posted on the Accepting Evangelicals website.

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