Psalm 42 prayer – Cara Heafey, UK

Photo: Webster Lake — Beth Morrill

Prayers of approach
Based on the phrase in Psalm 42: “Deep calls to deep…”

Eternal one, creator,
God of covenant promise, ever-faithful,
You commit to us.
You continue to shape us.
You know us.
You are close to us as breath.
Deep calls to deep…
may we lean into your love.

Jesus, Saviour, Lamb of God,
teacher, healer, friend.
You show us how to be human.
You embody justice and peace.
You tantalise and provoke with stories,
beckoning us to ‘come and see’,
challenging us to ever greater openness.
Deep calls to deep…
may we follow where you lead.

Spirit, presence, sustainer,
You stir us like a freshening breeze,
inspiring creativity, enabling connection,
kindling hope.
Deep calls to deep…
may we listen for your surprising song.

Holy Trinity, God in community,
Dynamic, fluid, swirling in playful dance.
You invite us to join in,
to step into the flow of your life-giving stream.
Deep calls to deep…
may we move to the rhythm of your heart.


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