Psalm 46:1-11 – Zambian revision

Psalm 46:1-11 – Zambian revision*

God is our shelter and hiding place
Always with us to help us.
Regardless of hard times, God’s assurance is with us.
Even if challenges overwhelm us,
Or chaotic things are within us,
There is a place of peace where God is in control.
Because God is with us, we can be safe.
God is our stronghold.
When we consider great things God has done,
the earth becomes silent.
God provides solutions to the economic and political struggles.
We are assured that God reigns forever.
The God of our ancestors is our shelter.

* Written cooperatively by a group Ministry Students at United Church of Zambia University: Charles Mwanza, Francis Muleta, Alinani Peter Chitalu, Fannie Juliet Kamenga, Mulindwa Mutale, Elijah Cholobo, Alice Kaonga (First year in the Bachelor of Theology course)

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