Psalm 89:1-18 redux — Carla Grosch-Miller, UK

Enduring melody,

Your song shall be sung

so long as the earth spins

and the heavens dance.


Frail flesh opens its mouth:

You are born again.


To songweavers

You are the scale and the tone.

To storytellers

You are the plot and the end.

To all of life

You are breath

and You are beauty.


Open my mouth

and my voice shall rise in praise.


Awaken me, O Lord, from false understanding.

Keep the limits of my knowing ever before me,

that I might not defame You

or claim too much for myself.

Show me true justice and right mercy,

that I may live humbly and simply

in accordance with the order You ordained

for the flourishing of life.


Then my song shall ring with clarion joy,

a call to worship,

an invitation to sing.

Used by permission from the author.

from Psalms Redux: Poems and Prayers by Carla A Grosch-Miller, Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2014