Psalm for Christmas 2020 — Zach Ford, UK

Making use of John 1:5

I am cast adrift, O God,
I am cut off from your face.
A thick darkness surrounds me,
I am enmeshed in a mist of confusion.

And it seems all creation must mourn,
Must mourn and lament, must weep,
For we are alone and apart,
The light has gone out of the world.

None join hands with us, nothing is as it was.
The bread goes unbroken in silence.
We are without hope, without guidance,
The flock is lost and scattered.

It is for such times you exist, O God.
See! Look, O people, open your eyes!
Your God is coming to you as one of you,
To enter the circle of your house,
The circle of your arms.
Such a small thing, so weak and sleepy.

Look, O people, look upon your God,
Recall the words of ancient time;
The light shines in the darkness,
And the darkness has not overcome it.