Prayers for worship services

Our God,
Your living word is not static
but the unfolding story of your actions in the world

We pray that we would be part of that story
as recipients and participants

cutting across the addiction people have for the world
cultural addictions of greed, of status, appearance, recognition,
of voyeurism, celebrity worship, the need to know.

giving meaning to existence
giving meaning to work
giving meaning to leisure
giving meaning to contemplation
giving meaning to action

by recognising that all is part of your unfolding story

We know there is no single right way
We pray for the companionship of the Holy Spirit
Guiding us, leading us, standing back to let us fall

We know we will make mistakes
We pray the mistakes we make will be mistakes of generosity – of giving too much
As we endeavour to be Christ-like in our living and giving.
Risking comfort for the world’s sake.

We pray that we would be a people saying no to the power, violence, greed of the world

And instead, be active participants in healing the world
by doing what we can to enable all to contribute to society with dignity and honour.
Acknowledging, accepting and working with the diversity you have given us.
One, valuable person, at a time

We pray that we would be your faithful disciples
Bringing together whatever has been broken in your world
Living and loving as Jesus loved

in whose name we pray

The writer references “Becoming the Authentic Church” by Gordon Cosby, p38f as the inspiration behind the prayer, and has requested, “Please do not assign authorship – prayers should point to God, not any particular person.”

whose love
is vast and measureless,
wider than the universe,
unlimited and infinite:
In wonder

whose love
will never run dry,
will never fall short,
will never fail:
In wonder

whose love
knows nothing of our distinctions,
our notions of ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’,
and which encompasses everyone:
In wonder

We praise you that your love reaches us,
in our struggles and our joys,
in our hidden place of fear and shame,
in our sorrow and disappointment.
We praise you that in your love
you meet us as we are, where we are,
sweeping aside any sense of inadequacy,
overturning misplaced dependencies,
and opening a window of light and hope,
until we see in you our one true home.
We praise you that your love comes gently,
a warm scented breeze in the winter hurricane,
a creeping tide smoothing rough sand,
a depth of stillness to a heart in turmoil.

your love is beyond all we can tell,
yet we know that you are here with us,
and that you care for every detail of our lives.
We offer you hearts filled with gratitude.
In wonder

written 30/01/16 for Sunday 31/01/16

Prayers on every theme, for every occasion written over a 40 year ministry in the Uniting Church of Australia. Click here to prayerfully read Rex Hunt’s prayers.

These sample prayers, written to be spoken, are logged in two groups: soft-theistic and non-theistic/post-theistic. They seek to be shaped by a progressive, post-liberal theology. When soft-theistic, they attempt to use new or different metaphors when addressing the presentness of the sacred. Lament rather than confession is also a feature of some.

Rex A E Hunt

So all of us can lift to God the joys and concerns of our members,
After thanksgivings: Leader: Loving God…People: We give you thanks.
After petitions and intercessions: Leader: Merciful God… People: Hear our prayer.

Gracious God,
giver of peace, planter of justice, spirit of love,
we lift up to you our world –
giving thanks for its beauty and majesty,
for its many creatures and peoples,
for its bounty and flourishing.
In our thanksgiving, we also remember
those who struggle day in and day out simply to survive,
those caught in the midst of conflict and war,
those affected by natural disaster,
those who are displaced.
Continue with specific prayers of the day…


with the response
Water of life, renew the world and us.

Prayer items are listed before the prayer starts, bringing the news of God’s gathered people into the light, allowing time for surprise and concern in the hearts and minds of all. This family news was shared is three categories: “We celebrate…,” “”These people are in hospital…,” and “We are concerned about….”

New Kilpatrick Parish Church posts original liturgical works written by church members. They provide a plethora of gems ‘freshly written for each Sunday.’

New Kilpatrick original liturgy

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