Rainbow of God’s design — Wellingtone Bawalya, Zambia

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 4:3-6 (Eighth Sunday after Epiphany, Year A)

This prayer arises from a homily given at Morning Chapel, United Church of Zambia University.  Wellingtone’s words have been adapted as a prayer by Ana Gobledale.

My parents, sisters and brothers in Christ, join me in prayer.

Creator God, how wonderful it is that humanity presents a rainbow of design.

Thank you for the variety of calls extended to us, the diversity of gifts and tasks set before us.

Yet we all come from you and are invited to serve you.

Forgive us when we are either too hard or too easy on ourselves.

Help us recognise how you have called and gifted us differently from each other and for different assignments.

Encourage us to commend and appreciate each other without despising or judging anyone. For this kindness, simple human graciousness, will surely bring unity, peace, love and tranquillity in the church, our community and society as a whole.

Embolden each one of us to be ourselves, to not strive to be a copy cut of another.

We, like the community in Corinth, need your guidance away from unimportant qualities and standards such as entertainment value, appearance, and status.

Make us strong, and not take to heart condemnation by others.

It is you, not the judgment by others, that will prove us safe and happy.

For this we give you praise and thanks.  Amen.

*Wellingtone is a student in the Bachelor of Theology degree programme at the United Church of Zambia University, Mindolo.

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