No to Bullies, Children’s Message — Ana & Tod Gobledale, UK

photo by Ben Ulrich

Standing up to bullies: 

Anna & Martin make change (reform) happen

Works well for Reformation Sunday; could be adapted to remember another person who stood up to bullies, historic or current.

I have something in my bag.

What’s this?

… DVD – Frozen

Who has seen Frozen?

Who are the characters?  Who do you see here?

(on the cover):   Kristof, Svens (deer), Elsa (ice), Anna (red hair), Olaf (snowman), Prince Hans

Who’s the bad guy?  The bully?

…Prince Hans

What does Prince Hans do to be a bully?

  • He tries to steal the kingdom of Arendelle from Elsa.
  • Is he nice?   (show picture of Hans going to kill Elsa)
  • Is he mean?
  • First he is tricky. Then he gets mean.
  • He even tries to hurt Elsa.
  • Prince Hans is a real bully!

When someone is a bully, what should we do?

          What does Anna do?

          …She tells him to … STOP!

She is very brave.

Anna tells Hans that he is being mean.

She also lets everyone know that Hans is a bully,

       so he can’t hurt anyone else.

Does she hurt him?  Does Anna hurt Hans?  — No.

                   Anna helps Hans stop being a bully.

   (show picture of Prince Hans in jail.)


We are remembering a real person who helped stop bullies a long time ago.

His name was Martin.

He helped his church speak up against bullies, just the way Anna spoke up in Frozen.

Pray with me.   

God, thank you for people who are brave like Anna and Martin,

people who stand up against bullies and who help bullies stop being bullies.

Help us have courage to be brave, too.




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