Father’s Day Prayer of Mourning (Luke 15)

While written in response to a specific event, these prayers are easily altered to be applicable today and might be used on Father’s Day, inserting current events and concerns.

This prayers was originally written in memory and honour of Jo Cox, Member of Parliament, UK, murdered at her surgery, and her surviving husband, Brenden.  Jo was assassinated primarily for her supportive stand on LGBTQ rights.  Jo was killed the week preceding Father’s Day.

God of everlasting love and patience,
as you called the prodigal to return to the family home, so you call us to return to you.
Thank you for claiming us like a father,
embracing us as your own children,
for loving us with your infinite love.
Help us experience your paternal embrace
and hear your call afresh.
God, our minds are full of thoughts — come confusing, some even frightening — about [the death of Jo Cox] [insert the name/s of those involved in a current situation].  Quieten our minds that we might discern your voice and see your way.
With your Word, move us forward in confidence
ever closer to the path you have set before us.
Empower us to respond to your call in this and all matters,
by giving you our hearts and lives.