Renew our Lives, a prayer — Bernard Thorogood

O Holy Spirit, Spirit of God

You are Love.

Fill our hearts so that we may know

how to forgive.  How to understand.

How to cherish and how to let go.

Holy Spirit, you are truth.

Teach us the way of Christ.

Expose all falseness in our values

and cleanse us from prejudice.

Give us a hold on reality.

to know ourselves and know salvation.

Holy Spirit, you are power.

Enable us, encourage us, lift us up.

Make of us more than we have been.

Free in service,

and held in community.

Love, Truth, Power,

Holy Spirit, come and renew our lives.

Originally printed in “Inside Out” the magazine of the Council for World Mission, Singapore.

Bernard Thorogood served in the Cook Islands (1956-1963) with the Council for World Mission, then the London Missionary Society.


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