Responsive Call to Worship for outdoor service — Susan Brecht, USA

Written for a service in nature (outside)

Ready-to-print WORD doc: Call to worship for a service in nature – Susan Brecht, USA

Leader: Creating Spirit, we gather this morning enveloped in the beauty of your creation. We come to release the stress, the anxiety, the burdens, the worries, the struggles of our lives. We come to open ourselves to your Spirit moving in us and through us. We come to celebrate. We come to give thanks.

Leader: Open our eyes:

People: that we may see your presence in each leaf, each rock, each sunset, each creature and person we encounter.

Leader: Open our ears:

People: that we may hear your voice in the rushing of the wind and the flutter of wings, in the laughter of children and the cries of those in pain.

Leader: Open our minds:

People: that we may know your wisdom, to make right decisions, to follow your path.

Leader: Open our hearts:

People: that we may feel your love as a constant presence in our lives, filling us in times of joy and nurturing us in times of need.

All: We walk hand and hand with you, Creating Spirit, for our work is not yet done. You are the ground of our being. We are standing on Holy Ground.

Susan has kindly allowed Worship Words to share some items from her book, Re-imagining Worship, available for purchase online.

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