Ritual of Arrival – Christian Peacemaker Team, Chicago USA & Toronto, Canada

What gives us life?

What sustains us?

Using water as the focus, we gather and bless one another.

Set up

  • a large bowl in the centre of the worship space, or in the centre of each table.
  • small glasses (or communion cups) partially filled with water — at each place or on a tray at a central point/table easily accessible to all.


Each person is invited to pour a container of water into the bowl in the centre.

Question for conversations in twos or threes:

          In what ways has the Spirit of Living Water called you/us to this place?

If acceptable to the group, a time for open sharing may be included.

Blessing of the Spirit of Living Water

Pass the bowl around the circle.

Each person is invited to dip their fingers into the water and then touch the forehead (or the back of the hand) of the next person with a short word of blessing.

For example:  Receive the Living Water of God/Christ. 

The service “Blest by Living Waters,” from which this ritual is drawn, has been used for opening worship at Christian Peacemaker Team trainings since 1993.