River of Life, David Long-Higgins, USA

River of Life, David Long-Higgins

River of Life,
Press your being anew
Into the war-torn fabric
Of a world gone mad
With violence unspeakable
Calling forth necessary lament
Tearing open the heart
For a healing only possible
With your grace alone.

Let no paralysis of the past
Prevent your promised future
From taking up residence
In our hearts, minds, and souls
Formed by a Christ vision
Nonsensical to the world
But calling us to our senses
That we may discover
Your arrival in the other
So easily defined as enemy.

Let your vision deeper
Than eye for eye
And tooth for tooth
Bear itself ever anew
In resolute ‘no’ to violence
And ‘Yes’ to you, O Love,
Who promises a peace
Beyond our understanding
Yet calling us to stand
In creative resistance
To every diminishing demon
So easily taking up residence
In the heart of humanity.

Grant us the grace
Of openings unimaginable
If left to ourselves alone
But made possible by you
In parting seas we have made
Often preventing the possibility
Of entering the promised peace
Of the world’s deepest longing.

Yes, Love, part the waters
Of our own created chaos
That we may meet You
In the approach of the other
Who also yearns for Your peace
That passes all understanding
And dares to imagine a world
Driven by You, O Love of Life
Instead of every diminishing devil
That dares to distract the vision
You so deeply desire to raise
In the heart of Your human family
Yearning to be whole.

Yes, Love,
Press yourself anew
Into our hearts, our minds
And our souls for this of you,
Yearning to stir our imaginations
Beyond narratives of death
Forming your surprising song
Of resurrection resilience
At every turn this day demands.

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