Romans 12:9-21, a prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

Proper 17
13th Sunday after Pentecost – Year A

Paul makes it sound so easy.
Just be sincere, determined, altruistic.
Yet we find ourselves
hesitant, shifty, unreliable, selfish.
Just be zealous, hopeful, patient.
Yet we feel tired, desperate, anxious.
Just be generous, hospitable, harmonious.
Yet we find ourselves
hoarding, isolating, discordant.
We want to make good choices,
But the world’s options glitter
Catching our eye and interest.
Then way leads to way,
Until we have lost our way,
Until we feel overcome and alone.
That’s when we call out
And you, every time, toss a lifeline.
You are so reliable, never damning us,
Never announcing you’ve saved us
For the last time.
Always casting away the darkness
Always dismantling our disbelief
Always throwing your loving arm
around our shoulder
Always and again loving us with mercy.
You are amazing!
You banish our loneliness.
Thank you.

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