Queer Sacred Songs — Amanda Udis-Kessler, USA

Amanda Udis-Kessler’s website, Queer Sacred Music, includes numerous songs (lyrics, scores and recordings) and worship items. Several new songs and worship resources express a relevancy to a pandemic reality.

To access the songs on Amanda’s website, I prefer starting at the page entitled ‘Recordings’ where one can find the lyrics in addition to the recording of each song.

Amanda describes herself as ‘a hymnwriter, songwriter, composer, and writer who specializes in music and lyrics for liberal religious people and communities, including inclusive, social justice-minded Christians, Unitarian Universalists, and other open-hearted religious traditions.’

Thanks to Amanda’s generosity, her lyrics and tunes may be freely printed for use in worship or other events and may be adapted ‘for their immediate context as appropriate or desired (as long as such adaptations do not contradict the open-hearted and fully inclusive spirit of my materials).’

Amanda has set inclusive lyrics to 2 familiar tunes, which make for easy singing.

  • Church is More than Just a Building (Hyfrydol)
  • We are Gathered (Nettleton)

Amanda’s songs and worship resources posted on Worship Words:




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