Sanctuary — Eleanor Nash, USA

Kirkland UCC, photo by Ben Ulrich

The doors open
the doors close
*behind us, the world
*before us, sanctuary
*and the stillness of God
Be prayer quiet
Share quiet
Shore up the noisy clanging
*in your soul
*on your lips
Allow God to find you
*bind you up
*in [God’s] peace
Unwind your spirit
Let it float
*on the song of your soul
*through a stream of music
*in the God-filled silence
Commune with the divine
*behind your heart, pulsing
*and in your mute presence
*allow others to
Share quiet
Be prayer quiet

From her book of poems, ’40 Degrees from Elsewhere’ (2011 self-published)

Note: Ele set up the poem in sections which I have not been able to replicate electronically- apologies. I have put a star in front of each line that would be indented.

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