Season of Giving (in rhyme), for Advent — Jack Ouston, UK

A delightful reminder of the meaning of Advent and Christmas traditions for use in a Sunday morning worship service or a special Advent service.

Written for 3-12 readers, with Scrooge-type voices (3, 5, 7 and 9) grumbling about traditions and other voices offering meaning.

Easily read by adults without any rehearsal — just distribute a copy to willing readers.

The debut was with a mixed-age cast, with a practice session the morning the drama was included in worship.

Reader 1:

Christmas time is here again!

Hear the cries of joy, and woe!

But now we’re all gathered here.

Which direction do we go?

Reader 2:

In this time of love and hate,

all the choices that we make,

give the oppor-tun-i-ty

to learn to give and not just take.

In every small tradition,

There occurs a question clear,

Why is it that we do these things?

Why are we gathered here?

Reader 3:

I’m sick of writing Christmas cards!

The waste of paper and money!

You never know how much to send.

And the jokes are rarely funny.

Reader 4:

Ahhh, in the act of writing,

We get the chance to say

Things we always wish we could,

But don’t, every other day.

It’s the opportunity

To wish happiness and health,

God’s blessing on all of them,

And their spiritual wealth.

Reader 5:

That all seems well and good for now,

But what about those Christmas lights?!

Tiny, plastic, fizzling, breaking!?

An electric bill of new heights!

Reader 6:

Ahhh, but you have forgotten–

Christmas isn’t bills and ladders!

It’s the light of Jesus Christ!

The gifts He brings that matters!

Reader 7:

I am dreading Christmas dinner

It always seems like such a chore

The turkey never seems quite right

And the sprouts are always ignored!

Reader 8:

But at the time of eating,

There’s a chance to pause and pray,

To be thankful for our meal,

Not just here, but every day.

Reader 9:

What about the buying and greed?

What can we do ‘bout debt and stress?

Where is the gift of Jesus Christ?

Next to the tinsel covered dress? 

Reader 10:

Beneath greed and shopping ads,

Lies a very different way.

One where gifts offer meaning,

Not always how much is paid.

Reader 11:

To give a gift at Christmas

Is not only gifts and toys.

To give a gift is to love,

To show it’s more than just noise.

So stop and chat with a lonely soul.

Make hot drinks for the widows.

Share the joy of salvation.

Share with everyone you know!

Reader 12:

So with joy and faith in full,

Let’s go out and tell the world!

Tell all to stand straight and tall

As Christmas day is unfurled!

With one voice we can cry out,

Although greed and sorrow creep,

That this time has more meaning,

Something wonderful and deep.

Reader 1:

God bless us in our efforts,

As we listen to God’s son,

Who came to earth as a babe,

To unite us all as one!

So with heads held high, let’s stand!

For the better part of humanity,

Is shown each year at Christmas,

All readers together:

As we declare something grand in unity.


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