Sharing, Children’s message — Ana Gobledale, UK

Colours of the rainbow

Originally used to illustrate ‘sharing’ as presented in John 6:1-15 (Jesus feeds many) and 2 Kings 4:42-44 (Tenth Week of Pentecost, Year B).


In a bag: (I use the same cloth bag each week, so children anticipate that there will be something inside it when they gather.)

  • a selection of coloured kokies (felt pens, markers, crayons)
  • rainbow outlines on pieces of paper   (There are several black & white rainbow templates to download here.)

Invite the children (and participating adults) to gather around.

Ask:  What do I have in my bag?

I have some kokies/crayons.  They are all different colours.

Action:  Give a kokie/crayon (different colour) to each child/person.

Ask:  What else do I have in my bag?

I have some pictures of rainbows to colour in.

Action:  Give a rainbow sheet to each person.

Say:   Let’s colour in our rainbows.

  I have only one colour (green), so my rainbow will have to be all (green).

And you have only one colour,  so your rainbow will have to be all (red).

Do rainbows usually have only one colour?  [No.]

How many colours do they usually have in them?   [Many]

What could we do differently so that each of us has a rainbow of many colours?    [SHARE.]

Great idea!

The Bible and Jesus tell us over and over…to SHARE.  To not be selfish.  To be generous.

Let’s try to remember to share.

Pray:  Pray with me.

God thank you for things we have.

Help us be generous and want to share with others.

Let’s all say Amen together:  Amen!

Say:  You may borrow these kokies/crayons to colour your rainbows.   [Share the kokies/crayons/markers; don’t worry about not getting them back.]

An appropriate follow-up song is ‘Who put the colours in the rainbow?’  Click here to view a delightful YouTube video of the song.