She has done a beautiful thing! Mark 14.3-9 — Lisa M. Caldwell-Reiss, USA

Artpeace cooperative, Zimbabwe

A poem on Mark 14:3-9

We remember him, this loving gift of life itself

broken and poured out.

Week after week, around this table,

we remember him.

But he remembered her.

Long before the story touched our hearts

or stirred its way into our souls,

Before he walked the final road,

or carried the cross,

or wore the crown of thorns

Before the light

in his eyes was snuffed out

and the sun of the world grew dim,

But only a little time before,

She sought him out.

She found him.

Guessing, sensing somehow,

that this moment, this person

would not last forever,

She cherished him.

Pouring out her feelings

before a shocked audience

who could not imagine that

the time was right

for such extravagance.

She stepped into his story

and became her own.

He beckons us to follow.

Most of Lisa’s writing is for sermons, church curriculum and worship material. Sometimes she writes for fun, but mostly, she knits. Lisa and her husband, Mark, co-pastor together at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Berea, Kentucky, USA

Permission for use in worship or other non-profit setting is granted provided credit is given, ‘written by Lisa M. Caldwell-Reiss’.  This poem originally appeared in the publication by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) USA,  Just Women, winter 2010, page 29.