Showers — Steve Garnaas-Holmes, USA

The rain stopped long ago; skies are blue.
But on the morning path the breeze
shakes down showers
the trees have been holding onto.
I will gladly drown in this blessing.

Awakening this morning in bed,
as my conscious mind opened up
it filled with what day this is, who I am,
what I intend and fear.
As I sit in prayer I let it all drain out again,
to be mindful of God instead.

In my morning shower I rinse off
lots of stuff that’s not really me.

My work today is to drown in God,
to return to that blessed death
I have touched at times,
to remember my baptism and be glad
that I have passed away
and there is only God remaining,
and live in that newness.

Weather Report
which hopefully will sweep you away,
your life a mess of mud and grace,
as you find yourself in a new place.

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