St Andrew’s Day — 30 November

What words do we use to commemorate saints of old?

What words connect to the swelling pride of a nation commemorating a patron saint?

What lyrics might the drone of a bagpipe arouse in us?


St Andrew’s Day 30 November is Scotland’s national day commemorating St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland.

St Andrew is also the patron saint of Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

Words for worship:

A Prayer for St Andrew’s Day

-written especially for St. Andrew’s Day, by the Glasgow Churches Together. (adapted)

God, our loving Creator,
St Andrew introduced Peter, the Greek visitors,
and the little boy with loaves and fishes,
to Jesus.
May we be like Andrew in sharing friendship and hospitality, and in faithfulness to Jesus
and his realm of justice, love & peace.
May Scotland and all nations be places
in which everyone matters, everyone has an honoured place, and the dignity of each is assured
by our faith in you as creator of us all.

photo by Ben Ulrich

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