Stand in Wonder, Easter hymn — Jim Burklo, USA

Tune: Christ the Lord is Risen Today – Easter Hymn

At the dawn new life surprises, Alleluia
From the darkness light arises, Alleluia
See the stone is rolled away, Alleluia
On this resurrection day, Alleluia

Over death God’s love prevails, Alleluia
Over all of our travails, Alleluia
By no cross is it restrained, Alleluia
By no grave is it contained, Alleluia

Reap in joy what’s sown with tears, Alleluia
Courage springs from all our fears, Alleluia
Stand in wonder at the sight, Alleluia
Sunrise overtakes the night, Alleluia

Buried till its second birth, Alleluia
Hope emerges from the earth, Alleluia
In morning light our voices raise, Alleluia
Singing out with joyful praise, Alleluia

Use freely, with attribution.  Click on this link to read more about Jim Burklo.

Photo: ‘Empty tomb, from the Watched Word’ series by John Potter, UK

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