Stilling the storms of life, Mark 4:35-41 — Ana Gobledale, UK

Stilling the storms of life, a guided reflection 

Text: Mark 4:35-41   NRSV  (Lection 5th Sunday of Pentecost, Year B)


Prior to reading the passage, set the scene:

Jesus’s days, filled with healing and teaching by the lakeside, have tired him and the disciples out.  In chapter 3 he asks for a boat to stand in while teaching, so the crowds will not crush him.  Now he and the disciples set off in the boat, leaving the crowd and shore behind. When a storm arises, the disciples quickly forget all the miracle healings and teachings. Fear of mortality overtakes them.

Reading the text:  Mark 4:35-41.

Prayerful reflection after reading the text

  • When are you afraid? What storms in life threaten your equilibrium?
  • When your faith wavers, what do you tend to do? Does this habit bring you closer or farther from Jesus, from God?

Going deeper…  Re-read the text.

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • Open your eyes and re-read the passage aloud.
  • Listen for words that speak to you.  Circle them.
  • What are they saying to you?

Reflecting, again:

  • Where do you need peace? About what would you like to ‘be still’?
  • How solid is your faith? What ‘holy habits’ might you develop to increase your trust in God?

Prayer Points:  God, stiller of storms, provider of peace,

  • Reassure us/me about those things we/I fear.
  • Steady us so that we/I may demonstrate trust and faith to others.
  • Encourage us/me to grow in discipleship.
  • Remind us/me that our/my job is to paddle the boat and leave the weather to you.
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