Stretched, a prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

Stretched, photo by David Long-Higgins

O Love,
Stretch me just enough
To ready me for You
And the calling You offer
Already supported by You
On Your great trellis of love.

By your stretching grace
Help me live expectantly
Trusting You will reveal
The holding and releasing
Necessary to answer
Your call often overlooked
As daily or ordinary.

Grant me grace
O Love, to notice others
Often unseen in nearness
Their lives also stretched
By You for whatever
Purpose You reveal.

Let Your loving delight
Rise in our discovery
Of already being
Supported and held
And joined by You
For a work too large
For any one alone.

Yes, Love,
Stretch me into the we
Of Your deepest desire
Trusting Your support
Is always more than enough.

Dave Long-Higgins currently serves as Transitional Conference Minister, Heartland Conference, United Church of Christ USA

Photo by Claire Daley, USA

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