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You are not alone with your desire for inclusive language and Progressive liturgy.

While these links may not provide ready-to-use material, they do offer valuable worship resources.

Inclusive-language Bibles

Inclusive-language resources:

Professor Adrian Thatcher advocates usage of gender-inclusive language. For him, this can include appropriate and thoughtful use of gender-specific language which does not privilege men over women.  In a 36-page booklet entitled “Gender Inclusive language and Worship” produced by Modern Church, Adrian provides practical suggestions for church groups committed to creating inclusive worship experience. (Unfortunately, the booklet is no longer available online).

Adrian’s booklet is recommended by  the Progressive Christian Network in Britain.

‘Inclusive language is language that is free from words, phrases or tones that reflect prejudiced, stereotyped or discriminatory views of particular people or groups. It is also language that doesn’t deliberately or inadvertently exclude people from being seen as part of a group. Inclusive language is sometimes called non-discriminatory language.’

from ‘Guidelines for Inclusive Language‘ published by the Department of Education in Tasmania, Australia.

Lectionary Study resources:

Lectionary-related Liturgy resources:

Year A Worship Words resources

Year B Worship Words resources

Year C Worship Words resources

Lectionary-related songs and hymns:

Lectionary-related art & images:

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