a drama to use in worship

But or And? a sketch/skit — Jim Burklo, USA

But or And?  A slightly-adapted skit by Jim Burklo, USA    (‘Use freely – with attribution.’) This is written to use as a springboard for a sermon or conversation. Stage directions for online [Zoom or recorded] Spotlight the two screens: BUT and AND. BUT – hold a cross just off-centre on your screen and each time […]

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Mark 6.1-13 Drama — Ana Gobledale, UK

Zoom (online) version Parts:  Narrator (Storyteller), Jew, Jesus, Disciple Ready-to-print:  Mark 6, 1-13 – a drama Script Narrator: In Mark’s gospel, chapter six, we hear a familiar story about Jesus starting out on his ministry. Hear and see Mark’s words come to life. Mark writes: Jesus left that place and came to his home town, […]

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Genesis 45.1-15, Joseph in Egypt, drama

Genesis 45:1-15  (adapted from NRSV) Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers   Full script, ready-to-print: Genesis 45,1-15 Joseph in Egypt – 2 readers PDF Genesis 45,1-15 Joseph in Egypt – 2 readers WORD Narrator:  Today’s Hebrew Bible reading is taken from the book of Genesis presenting the last chapter in the saga of Joseph and his […]

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