a new hymn by George Stuart

We pledge our lives, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

This hymn might be used for welcoming new church members or in any service highlighting our call to discipleship. Tune: Aurelia (The Church’s One Foundation) Disciples here with Jesus In solidarity We now affirm each other Within our liturgy; In God we come together; In God we are as one; In God we can continue […]

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George Stuart, Australia — Singing a New Song

George declares that he has ‘drunk deeply from life’s love and beauty.’ George  has written sing-able hymns with grounded, authentic and original lyrics set to traditional and familiar tunes, all posted on his website, “Singing a New Song” Thanks to George’s generosity, all of his lyrics published on Worship Words and on his website are […]

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Dream of Dignity, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

Tune: Darwall For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here. A dream of dignity For all humanity It is a dream so bold; ‘Can’t happen,’ we’ve been told; But we can strive To keep alive This hope for human harmony A dream of dignity For all humanity; A dream that Jesus saw Was […]

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