Advent 2

Psalm 72 Praise — Duncan Wilson, UK

A contemporary rendition of Psalm 72. 1-8, 18,19 Teach your rulers, dear God, to know what is right and share with them what you consider just so that they rule fairly, especially in favour of people who are oppressed. May our lands also enjoy prosperity and also be awake to your righteousness. As long as […]

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Luke 3:1-6, Drama: Prepare ye the way — Tod & Ana Gobledale, UK

2nd Sunday of Advent,  Year C Luke 3:1-6 A Whimsical Encounter  — This can serve as the message/sermon. This drama involves two people.  One person starts out as if doing the regular reading of the passage. This might be the worship leader or the Minister, the person designated to “preach.”   The second person arrives […]

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Season of Giving (in rhyme), for Advent — Jack Ouston, UK

A delightful reminder of the meaning of Advent and Christmas traditions for use in a Sunday morning worship service or a special Advent service. Written for 3-12 readers, with Scrooge-type voices (3, 5, 7 and 9) grumbling about traditions and other voices offering meaning. Easily read by adults without any rehearsal — just distribute a […]

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